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67-311 Lecture Schedule

Fall 2014

Below is a listing of the lectures and reading for each class. The schedule is only applicable for the current semester. This schedule is also tentative and may be changed as conditions merit it. If our pace is faster or slower than anticipated, then I will add or delete items at my discretion. Any changes will be announced in class and class announcements supersede the schedule presented here.

Date Topic Resources
August 25 Course Introduction
August 27 Relational Algebra Concepts
September 3 Data Modeling Issues
September 8 Data Modeling Issues
September 10 Normal Forms  Normalization exercises
September 15 Normal Forms
September 17 Advanced SQL  SQL from lectures
September 22 Advanced SQL
September 24 Advanced SQL
September 29 Advanced SQL
October 1 Transactions
October 6 Views
October 8 Triggers and Constraints
October 13 Stored Procedures
October 15 Midterm Review
October 20 Midterm Exam
October 22 Indexes and Searching
October 27 Applying Search Features in Rails
October 29 Authorization and Security
November 3 Application of views and functions
November 5 The NoSQL Database Movement
November 10 MongoDB Introduction  PATS_MongoDB
November 12 MongoDB Performance
November 17 MongoDB and Rails
November 19 Redis Introduction
November 24 PATS workday
December 1 Redis and Rails
December 3 Course Review